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FILM+SCHULE NRW (FILM+SCHOOL NRW) is a joint enterprise of the Ministry of Education of North Rhine-Westphalia and the LWL (Landschaftsverband Westfalen Lippe, roughly: Regional association of Westphalia-Lippe).

We foster film education

Since 2008, FILM+SCHULE NRW has been fostering the digital film literacy of students in classroom contexts as well as in extracurricular learning environments such as cinemas.

We support teachers

By supporting teachers, offering further education to multipliers, and providing teaching materials, films and digital learning tools such as the internationally available app TopShot, FILM+SCHULE NRW is taking steps towards improving media and film literacy in schools across the state.

Billy Elliot

GB 2000, Stephen Daldry

Eleven-year-old Billy Elliot lives with his father, his brother and his grandmother in Durham in the north of England. Billy's father sends him to boxing classes but when the students of ballet teacher Mrs Wilkinson happen to be practising in the same hall, Billy becomes fascinated with the dance. The teacher invites him to join and quickly recognises Billy's extraordinary talent. Dancing soon becomes the most important thing in Billy's life even though he has to defend his passion against his father who thinks of ballet as unsuitable for boys.

Blade Runner 2049

US/GB/CA 2017, Denis Villeneuve

After the planet was destroyed by environmental catastrophes and war, people live in megacities and have work done by artificially created replicants, who are considered soulless. LAPD police officer K is assigned to hunting down older replicants of the first hour who developed their own feelings and desires. However, on what is supposed to be a routine job, K uncovers a secret that could shake up the social order: Are replicants capable of reproduction, and if so, what would distinguish them from real humans?

I Am Not Your Negro

US/FR/BE/CH 2016, Raoul Peck

This documentary about the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s and the social circumstances in the USA today is based on an unfinished manuscript by the American writer and intellectual James Baldwin. "I Am Not Your Negro" combines the original text with archive footage of Baldwin's speeches, photographs and excerpts from television programmes and films. The historical footage underpins Baldwin's critical social analysis and exemplifies the strict racial segregation that prevailed at the time, which is reflected, among other things, in contemporary documents and media productions ranging from commercials to Hollywood films.

The Hate U Give

USA 2018, George Tillman Jr.

High school student Starr lives in two worlds: Her home is in "Garden Heights", a neighbourhood predominantly inhabited by African Americans but she goes to school at "Williamson Prep" where she is a minority as a black student. In order not to stand out on either side, Starr maintains two identities, but when her childhood best friend is shot in a police stop where she is the only witness, Starr has to decide if she wants to end her carefully constructed double life to bring the policeman to justice.

Our app


TopShot is an app created by FILM+SCHULE NRW specifically for a quick introduction to film analysis.

It allows students to explore the basics of cinematography and postproduction. Interactive environements demonstrate various film language elements such as camera perspective, colour correction, sound design or assembling shots into sequences.

The app is available to download for free in multiple languages, including English.

TopShot Logo; five fanned-out strips of varying shades of blue in a white circle.

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We're happy to talk to you about our current film repertoire, teaching materials, seminars, events and more.


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